ECE 50024 / STAT 59800: LaTeX

Why use LaTeX?

We encourage you to typeset your homework solutions in LaTeX. Typing your solution in LaTeX has multiple advantages:

  • It is easier for us to grade.
  • You will have a clean and typed solution for record.
  • Some equations can be used in later homeworks so you do not need to retype.
  • Majority of the journals and conferences in machine learning only accept LaTeX manuscripts. If you like to do research in machine learning, you should learn LaTeX as soon as possible.

Getting started with LaTeX

To help you get started with LaTeX, we suggest the following online resources.

  • Overleaf (Website)
    I highly recommend overleaf, if you are a beginner of LaTeX. Overleaf is an online LaTeX platform. It can save you an enormous amount of time installing LaTeX on your local machine. As a Purdue student, you can use overleaf for free with quite a lot of storage space.

  • LaTeX Tutorial (Website)
    This is a tutorial website that contains most of the basic tools you need for LaTeX.

Install LaTeX on local machines

If you like to install LaTeX on your local machine, there are a lot of resources online you can get help from.

LaTeX Template for ECE 50024 homework

When submitting your homework, you can consider using the template below. It’s not required but highly encouraged.

LaTeX Template for ECE 595 project

  • Please use the official ICML 2021 LaTeX template to type your report.

  • Page length: no more than 10 pages. References do not count towards the 10 pages.

  • No supplementary materials. All reports have to be self contained.

  • Do not change the margin, font size, etc.

  • This is an individual project. If you work with a friend, acknowledge the person. You need to write your own report.